]]]]]]]]]]]       FEE SPEECH: CONGRES$$IONAL PAYOLA      [[[[[[[[[[[[[ 
                            by Sysop                        (11/14/88)

     Alerted by an article ``Easy Money'' in the Wall Street J. 
(11/1/88, front page) on how lobbyists buy access to congressmen, I 
contacted Common Cause. This is generally a leftist organization, but 
on this occasion they did good work regardless of their motives (pro-
bably exposing defense contractors and other industries).
     Senators subsist on a starvation wage of $87,483 (an amount that 
they will soon increase again). Congressmen have to subsist on 
slightly less ($86,283), until they, too, pass a law for the needy.
     Permitted extra income includes honoraria, ostensibly paid as 
fees for speeches, but in reality a simple purchase price to gain 
access to your upright repre$entative, paid almost exclusively by 
lobbies and pressure groups. The total paid to members of Congress in 
1988 has already hit and exceeded $10 million. 
     To make this payola seem respectable, senators have to give the 
proceeds to charity, except for a trifling consideration of $35,000 
(30% of their starvation salary). In the House of Ill Repute, the 
limitation is $25,000 so that they can keep to hold body and soul 
     Most of those on this payoff are tidy people: they are at or near 
the limit of the official limitation, meaning they cleaned out the 
trough almost completely.
     However, the limitation does not mean much anyway. They can give 
the money to strengthen ``charities'' that will help them remain at 
the trough, or they can, like Madam $chroeder, give it to organiza-
tions supporting Ortega.
    When racket-busting prosecutor William Weld first came to Washing-
ton in 1986, he found out that United Coal Co. paid several Democratic 
House members $2,000 each to take a trip by private jet and discuss 
mine safety legislation, and he wanted to seek a federal indictment of 
the congressmen. Nothing doing; they only took ``honoraria,'' as per-
mitted by law. By law as written by the congressmen.
     What is theft and corruption when corrupt thieves define it?
     Here are they are, your upright Congre$$men and $enators with the 
annual payola they pocket when they are not staging a witch hunt on 
Meese's or other opponents' ethics:

$enate           $                 Hou$e of Repre$.    $
-------                             --------------
Dole (R-KS)    106,050             Ro$tenow$ki (D-IL)  245,000
Holling$ (D-SC) 99,400             Gray (D-PA)         119,000
Reigle (D-MI)   86,750             Gradison (R-OH)      96,250
Hatch (R-UT)    79,926             Cheney (R-WY)        79,350
Lugar (R-IN)    71,485             Coelho (D-CA)        78,500
$imp$on (R-WY)  71,425             Coelho (D-CA)        78,500
Da$chle (D-SD)  60,450             Waxman (D-CA)        76,400
Boren (D-OK)    59,175             Frenzel (R-MN)       70,650
Moynihan (D-NY) 55,575             Michel (R-IL)        61,250
Packwood (R-OR) 50,500             Luken (D-OH)         59,700
Durenbrgr.(R-MN)50,050             Mat$ui (D-CA)        55,950
Bradley (D-NJ)  49,600             Barnard (D-GA)       52,355
Wirth (D-CO)    49,300             $chroeder (D-CO)     50,630
$ymms (R-ID)    47,600             Anthony (D-AR)       48,700
D'Amato (R-NY)  47,350             Dingell (D-MI)       48,300
Pre$$ler (R-SD) 47,100             Lott (R-MS)          46,900
Baucu$ (D-MT)   47,050             Wright (D-TX)        45,850
$helby (D-AL)   46,800             Gephardt (D-MO)      41,000
Dixon (D-IL)    46,500             Tauke (R-IA)         39,050
Chafee (R-RI)   44,125             LaFalce (D-NY)       38,500
Bond (R-MO)     44,000             Crane (R-IL)         38,418
Mitchell (D-ME) 42,225             Leath (D-TX)         38,000
Byrd (D-WV)     41,050             Rangel (D-NY)        37,500
Kasten (R-WI)   40,500             $olarz (D-NY)        34,275
                                   $chneider (R-RI)     32,350
                    etc., etc., etc.,

     Keep on paying, sucker!

                          *     *     *

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