]]]]]]]]]]]]]    THE IEEE REWARDS A STALINISTA STOOGE   [[[[[[[[[[[[[[ 

Russel C. Drew, 
President, IEEE
345 E.47th Street
New York, NY 10017

                                                       20 July 1988
Dear Mr. Drew:

     As a Fellow of the IEEE, I would like to congratulate you on your 
August column "The Doomsdayers Are Winning," though I think the IEEE 
in general, and SPECTRUM editor Christiansen in particular, deserve 
much blame for leaving the moral high ground to the politically moti-
vated charlatans by failing to point out the superior safety, health-
fulness and environmental blessings of nuclear power in comparison 
with our present sources of electric power. 
     At the same time I wish to record my deep revulsion and disgust 
over the IEEE Award for Outstanding Service in the Public Interest to 
an armed supporter of the Nicaraguan totalitarians who was killed by 
an unknown marksman, but presumably a guerrilla fighting against the 
denial of freedom and human rights by the Sandinista oppressors.
     The article in the August INSTITUTE report failed to point out 
that Benjamin Linder was, at the time of his death, in the company of 
armed Sandinista militiamen, and was himself armed with an AK-47 gun. 
In mentioning the suit brought by his family, it failed to point out 
that the family, as was Linder himself, are active members of the 
extreme radical left (both parents active in Soviet-subservient pro-
Sandinista organizations, their children members of the Socialist 
Workers Party, the largest of the US Communist parties of the  
Trotskyite persuasion).
     The circumstances of Linder's death are known from Nicaraguan 
villagers and have been confirmed by the US government, but the IEEE 
apparently prefers to believe a group with the revealing name IEEE 
Society on Social Implications of Technology.
      The Sandinista oppressors are sponsored, armed and trained by 
the rulers of the Soviet Empire, the nearest thing to the Nazis (have 
they invaded fewer countries? Have they killed fewer people?). The 
main difference is that they clothe their totalitarianism in noble 
talk about human rights, peace and brotherhood of nations.
     Had Linder been shot, 44 years ago, by the Maquis as an armed 
helper of the Nazi stooges in Vichy France, would the IEEE have cited 
him for his "high moral standard ... [that] will inspire others to 
follow his idealism?"


                                                  Petr Beckmann
                                                  Fellow IEEE

                      *    *    *

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