]]]]]]]]]]]]]  15 QUESTIONS FOR YOU NUCLEAR FREEZE FRIENDS   [[[[[[[[[[[[[[ 
                         By Greg Fossedal                            (1984)
                Condensed from Dartmouth Review

        1. Describe in 100 words or less the Soviet monument to detente 
that stands in Berlin.
        2. Name the last three arms control- treaties upheld by the Soviet 
        3. Estimate the total number of deaths in Soviet prisons between 
1917 and 1923. (Hint: up to 5,000,000.)
        4. Illuminate the vigor of the Soviet election system, comparing it 
with such "fascist" states as San Salvador, Chile and Guatemala.
        5. Outline the differences between now and 1963, when the US 
unilaterally pulled out its nuclear missiles out of Turkey, Italy and 
Britain -- but the Soviets expanded.
	6. Give the total number of Soviet citizens murdered in the Gulag 
Archipelago from 1936 to 1950. (Hint: some 16 million.)
	7. Compare the military budget of the USSR, a mere 13% of the 
Soviet GNP, with that of the NATO countries, a provocative 4% of GNP, and 
of the US, a whopping 6 % of GNP.
	8. State the Soviet Bill of Rights.
	9. Outline the differences between now and 1976, when the US began 
unilateral disengagement of its anti-ballistic missile program, but the 
Soviets expanded.
	10. Describe the success of the "Chemicals for Peace" program in 
Afghanistan, Cambodia and Laos.
	11. Place a check by each country in which the Soviets have 
established a military presence in recent years: (a) Mozambique, (b) 
Nicaragua, (c) Iraq, (d)Angola, (e) Ethiopia, (f) All of the above, and 
	12. Review the Soviet policy of providing support for world peace 
makers, such as Muammar Qaddafi, Fidel Castro and Yasir Arafat.
	13. Discuss the Soviet goodwill missions to Poland, Czecho-
slovakia, Hungary, Angola, and South Yemen.
	14. Examine America's aggresive, jingoistic withdrawal from the 
Panama Canal as a contributing factor to the defensive Soviet actions in 
Nicaragua and El Salvador.
	15. Trace the development of the nuclear freeze movement in the 
USSR, including protest marches, pamphlets and special Soviet TV specials 
advocating a nuclear freeze.

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