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                         "OZONE HOLE" AND THE          (12/8/1989)
                           GREENHOUSE EFFECT 
                          by Oleg Panczenko
                         (Freeman 10602PANC)
                           7 December 1989

I've compiled a  list of books and  articles I've read concerning
the  the  current  scare  topics  of  the  `Ozone  Hole'  and the
`Greenhouse Effect', the new boogiemen.  I've skewed my selection
towards  works critical  of  the current  orthodoxy,  though I've
included  an authoritative  statement  of the  opposing position,
Schneider's paper  in Science of  10 February 1989.   Some of the
other articles  are also critical  of the skeptic's  view but are
valuable in that they advance  skeptical points before they reply
to them.  Read with care, such articles can be quite useful.

Anon.  ``Has  the  Globe   Really  Warmed?''   Technology  Review
   92(8):80 (November/December 1989).  Work of Newell, Hsiung and
   Wu showing no global-warming trend.
Arking, Albert.  ``The Sun in the `Greenhouse'''. New York Times,
   23 May 1989, p. A29:2.
Bowman, Kenneth P.  See Watson 1988.
Broecker, Wallace S. ``Unpleasant  Surprises in the Greenhouse?''
   Nature 328:123-126 (9 July 1987).
Charlson,  Robert J.,  Lovelock,  James E.,  Andreae  Meinrat O.,
   Warren,  Stephen  G.    ``Oceanic  Phytoplankton,  Atmospheric
   Sulphur, Could  Albedo and Climate''.   Nature 326:655-661 (16
   April 1987).
Cicerone, Ralph  J. ``Changes  in Stratospheric  Ozone''. Science
   237:35-42 (3 July 1987).
Evans,  W.F.J.,   Kerr,  J.B.,   Wardle,  D.I.   ``Monitoring  of
   Atmospheric  Ozone'',  Letters.    Science  238:1216-1271  (27
   November   1987).   Comment   on   Kerr  1987   regarding  the
   shortcomings of Dobson spectrometers.
Guiot,  J.,  Pons,  A.,  de   Beaulieau,  J.L.,  Reille,  M.  ``A
   140,000-year  Continental  Climate   Reconstruction  From  Two
   European  Pollen  Records''.   Nature,  338:309-313  (23 March
Heppenheimer,  T.A.   ``Keep  Your   Cool'',  Reason  21(8):22-27
   (January 1990).   This article  is subtitled  ``The Greenhouse
   effect is real,  but that's no reason  to throw out industrial
Idso, Sherwood B. ``Carbon dioxide  -- an alternative view''. New
   Scientist, 12 November 1981, pp. 444-446.
Kerr,   Richard   A.  ``Has   Stratospheric   Ozone   Started  to
   Disappear?''  Science 237:131-132  (10 July 1987).  See Evans
   et al. for comments.
Kerr,  Richard  A.  ``Hansen  vs.  the  World  on  the Greenhouse
   Threat'', Science 244:1041-1043 (2 June 1989).
Kerr,  Richard  A.  ``Volcanoes   Can  Muddle  the  Greenhouse''.
   Science 245:127-128 (14 July 1989).
Kerr,  Richard  A.   ``Greenhouse  Skeptic  Out  in  the  Cold''.
   Science 246:1118-1119  (1 December 1989).   Richard Lindzen of
   MIT says that the greenhouse warming will probably be a bust.
Laing, Jonathan R.  ``Climate of  Fear: The Greenhouse Effect May
   Be Mostly Hot Air''.  Barron's 69(9), p. 6 (27 February 1989).
Lean, J.  ``Contribution of Ultraviolet Irradiance Variations to
   Changes in the Sun's  Total Irradiance''.  Science 244:197-200
   (14 April 1989).
Maddox,  John.  ``Half-truths   Make  Sense  (Almost)''.   Nature
   326:637 (16 April  1987).  Interesting for  its description of
   the World Resources Institute.
Melloan,  George. ``Is  Science, or  Private Gain,  Driving Ozone
   Policy?''  The Wall Street Journal, 24 October 1989, p. A25:3.
Mitchell, J.F.B., Senior, C.A., Ingram, W.J. ``CO2 and Climate: A
   Missing Feedback?'' Nature 341:132-134 (14 September 1989).
Monastersky,  Richard.  ``Looking  for Mr.  Greenhouse'', Science
   News 135:216-217,221 (8 April 1989)
O'Lone, Richard G. ``Volcanic Residue Cited as Possible Source of
   Misleading Ozone Data''. Aviation  Week & Space Technology, 12
   January 1987, pp. 91-92.
Penkett,  Stuart A.  ``Ultraviolet Levels  Down Not  Up'', Nature
   341:283-284 (28 September 1989)
Monastersky,  Richard.  ``Looking for  Mr.  Greenhouse''. Science
   News 135:216-217,221 (8 April 1989).
Oliver, John E.   Climate and Man's  Environment.  New York: John
   Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1973.   Table 13-4: `A Brief Chronology of
   the  Climate of  the Last  10,000  Years', pp.  368-369; Table
   13-5:  `Observations   Concerning  Temperature   Trends  Using
   Instrumental Data Given  in Papers Published  Between 1945 and
   1961', pp. 369-370.
Ramanathan,  V.,   Barkkstrom,  Bruce  R.,   Harrison,  Edwin  F.
   ``Climate and  the Earth's Radiation  Budget''.  Physics Today
   42(5), pp 22-32 (May 1989).
Schneider,  Stephen  H.  ``The  Greenhouse  Effect:  Science  and
   Policy''.  Science 243:771-781 (10 February 1989).
Seitz,  Frederick.,  Jastrow,  Robert.,  Nierenberg,  William  A.
   Scientific Perspectives on the  Greenhouse Problem. (George C.
   Marshall Institute,  11 DuPont Circle,  Suite 506, Washington,
   D.C. 20036, 202-328-5470)
Shulman, Seth and  Anderson, Alun. ``Researchers  Still at Odds''
   [Greenhouse Effect].  Nature 339:570 (22 June 1989).
Singer, S. Fred.  ``My Adventures in  the Ozone Layer''. National
   Review, 30 June 1989, pp. 34-38.
Slingo, Tony. ``Wetter Clouds Dampen Global Greenhouse Warming''.
   Nature 341:104 (14 September 1989).
Sun, Marjorie. ``Global Warming Becomes Hot Issue for Bromley''.
   Science  246:569  (3  November  1989).   D.  Allan  Bromley is
   President Bush's Science  Adviser who was in  the hot seat for
   expressing skepticism about the greenhouse effect.
Watson,  Robert  T.  and   Prather,  Michael  J.  ``Stratospheric
   Ozone'',  Letters.  Science  239:847-848  (19  February 1988).
   Response by Kenneth P. Bowman.
Wickramasinghe,  N.C.,  Hoyle, F.,  Rabilizirov,  R. ``Greenhouse
   Dust''. Nature 341:28 (7 September 1989).
Wigley,  T.M.L.   ``Possible Climate  Change  Due  to SO2-derived
   Cloud  Condensation  Nuclei''.   Nature  339:365-367  (1  June
Zimmerman,  P.R. and  Greenberg,  J.P. ``Termites:  A Potentially
   Large  Source  of  Atmospheric  Methane,  Carbon  Dioxide, and
   Molecular Hydrogen''.  Science 218:563-565 (            ).

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