]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]       HEIL ERDE!         [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ 
     The one book of the sham-environmentalist literature that is
perhaps worth reading -- or at least browsing through -- is a vile
publication by the violence-preaching thugs "Earth First!". They are
the hoodlums who, among other things, advocate the "spiking" of trees 
to sabotage the lumber industry, leading to the shattering of saws in 
sawmills and severe injury or death of its operators -- as happened in 
Hopland, Calif., when a worker had his jaw broken five times, lost 
several teeth and narrowly escaped death [AtE Aug 87]. They are also 
the people who loudly cheered the vandalizing of the experimental 
strawberry plants carrying genetically engineered "Frost Minus" bac-
teria to protect them from frosts [AtE Aug 87]. In both cases their 
jubilation only thinly disguised the very strong suspicion that they 
were not only the cheerleaders, but also the perpetrators of these 
     Let me first deal with the argument "Yes, they are thugs, but 
they are not at all typical of the environmental movement."
     No, they are not. Neither was the SS typical of the Nazis: only a 
minute fraction of Germans wore the black uniform, and only a small  
fraction even knew what they were doing. Indeed, there are known cases 
when German army officers stopped the SS's atrocities when they hap-
pened to be present. And yet the SS symbolizes what Nazism necessarily 
lead to and what Nazism fully, if covertly, approved of.
     Of course the average environmentalist does not approve (and 
maybe even know) of what the "Earth First!" thugs are doing, any more 
than the average German approved (or maybe even knew) of what was 
going on in the SS. But that does not make any difference to the 
facts, nor does it change the beginning or end of a road paved with 
good intentions.
     Earth First! has a publishing address at Box 5871, Tucson, AZ 
85703; they are proud of being Luddites, for some of their vile books 
are published with the imprint, in capital letters, "A NED LUDD BOOK". 
     [What they share with the Nazis is not only thuggery, but igno-
rance: Ned Ludd broke some spinning machinery in Leicestershire, Eng-
land, about 1782, and his name was given to the Luddites who in riots 
between 1811 and 1816 destroyed machinery in the hope of improving the 
miserable lot of an English worker in the early industrial revolution. 
However, though Ned Ludd gave his name to this later movement, he was 
not at all a social protestor -- he was simply feeble-minded.]
     The book that every decent person should browse through is "Eco-
defense: A Field Guide to Monkeywrenching."
     The cover shows a heavy vehicle of road-building equipment seen 
through the silhouette of two saboteurs handling monkey wrenches; 
another drawing inside the book is captioned "Raid at Combwash," show-
ing three hooligans wrecking a bulldozer at night while a fourth 
stands watch. 
     The other drawings in the book are similar: two toppled power 
line towers with an explosive charge going off to topple a third; a 
number of people driving long nails into a tree such as the one that 
nearly killed the California worker above), captioned "Backcountry 
spiking can be fun for the whole family."
          There are photographs, as well as drawings, with detailed 
instructions how to spike trees, disable and burn machinery, cut 
fences, deface billboards, pour blood, oil and stinking liquids into 
offices at night, blow up power lines with explosives, and "much, much 
more", all for $10. 
     Significantly, this Nazi manual includes a four-page essay of 
detailed instructions entitled "Media Relations." And you have to hand 
it to them: they have been successful in getting media publicity, for 
they are depicted as heros fighting for the environment against the 
overwhelming might of the profiteers. Even in the two cases of at-
tempted manslaughter and vandalizing a scientific experiment, the 
media gave them a voice and not unsympathetic coverage.
     Few Germans in 1933, I would imagine, approved of the Nazi song 
"Wenn's Judenblut vom Messer spritzt, dann geht's nochmal so gut!" 
(When Jewish blood squirts from the knife, we are twice as well off!)
     They just stood by and did nothing while there was still time.

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