]]]]]]]]]]]]]]       WHAT FOOLS THE GRINGOS ARE     [[[[[[[[[[[[[ 
 Editorial in "La Prensa," Tegucigalpa, Honduras, 26 March 1983

     A wise old proverb says that none is so blind as he who does not 
want to see. It could apply to some gentlemen on Washington's Capitol 
Hill, who go crazy whenever it comes to defending their own security. 
They seem to be more worried about what the Soviet Union might say 
than they are about peace for their own people.
     It's very difficult to understand the North Americans. They never 
seem to have understood the enormous responsibilities they assumed 
when they took over the leadership of the West. They let themselves be 
taken in by cunning old Stalin, and the Soviets gobbled up half of 
     Now there has come a president with a very different conception 
of his responsibilities. Ronald Reagan faces the difficult task of 
correcting a course with so many blunders. However, his countrymen, 
especially the so-called liberals, do not understand that the reality 
of Central America is very different from that in Massachusetts or 
     Mr. Reagan has been misunderstood by some members of his own 
party and by many in his Democratic opposition. He has told them of a 
Marxist enclave in Central America. But these gentlemen do not under-
stand or do not want to understand. They stubbornly maintain that the 
only solution is to sit down with the Salvadoran guerrillas and ask 
them to lay down their conditions. They are more concerned with cut-
ting off aid to El Salvador than with recognizing that the survival of 
a friendly government in that country is vital for the security of the 
United States.

                              * * *

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