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Professor Petr Beckmann published the Access to Energy, "A Pro-Science, Pro-Technology, Pro-Free Enterprise Monthly Newsletter" for 20 years until August 1993. He died later that year.

During that time he had a bulletin board system which could be accessed by his subscribers. This was called Fort Freedom.

I first made contact with it on November 18, 1988 (see Responses to Fort Freedom) - 8 years ago, almost to the day of my writing this (November 20, 1996)! Anyway, because I had to make an expensive overseas telephone call to access Fort Freedom, I arranged with Prof. Beckmann to send me the contents of Fort Freedom on disk. I received that in February 1989. I had ideas that I might set up an Australian copy of it - but it never happened. Until now - when I have been able to put it on the Internet. So this is Fort Freedom, as it was in 1989.

I have not changed the contents at all (except for eliminating original bulletin board specifics such as instructions on which key to press). Formatting has been preserved, except for the addition of some hypertext links to other areas in the Fort where there were orginally keystroke instructions. The original documents had banners with the title encased in angle brackets; these have been changed to square brackets to avoid confusing some browsers. My article Greenhouse Hokum has had hypertext links to the footnotes added (and that gives me an excuse to mention it here! You can buy a later edition, with graphics and charts, from here - look under "View Our Booklist").

Because this information is presented as it was then, it will not be updated. I am unable to enter into discussions about topics therein. However, if you discover problems with the presentation, let me know.

November 1997: Fort Freedom has doubled in size! Many thanks to Brant Gaede (a frequent contributor to Fort Freedom in the past) who sent me a lot more files later than the ones I had. There are still some additional files I have not yet uploaded, but I thought it better to put up what I had ready. Those who fill out the form below (no need to re-register) will be informed when the additional information is uploaded.

12th May 1998: Fort Freedom has won the Enter Stage Right Conservative Site of the Day Award! ESR Their site is here.

February 2000: Fort Freedom now has its own domain name: www.fortfreedom.org. Change your bookmarks to this.

Standard disclaimer: I do not necessarily agree with every view expressed in Fort Freedom, nor is there any implication that there is necessarily any agreement by others who may reference this site.

Access to Energy is now published by Dr Arthur Robinson, Box 1250, Cave Junction, OR 97523.
Check out the Access to Energy site.

Enter the Fort!
Search Tips
Remember to put phrases in quotes. E.g.: "nuclear power"

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(This additional information is not part of the original Fort Freedom, but hopefully fits with the theme of the Fort.)

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