]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] THE CHILD MOLESTERS' PARTY [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[
                        by Hank Phillips              (1/8/1990)
                      (Freeman 78753PHIL)

        A characteristic shared by the intellectuals of the
looter persuasion and their "libertarian" comrades is the
tendency to feign incomprehension when faced with uncomfortable
facts.  Socialists act as though you are speaking a foreign
language when you bring up the initiation of force in connection
with their calls for taxation and confiscation of property.
Libertarians do the same when questioned about their party's call
for repeal of child-molestation laws.

        The following quotes from published libertarian platforms
will make it explicitly clear that the legalization of child
molestation is part and parcel of the Libertarian Party code.

        From the 1982 Platform of the Libertarian Party:

"In particular we advocate:
b.      The repeal of all laws regarding consensual sexual
  relations, including prostitution and solicitation, and the
  cessation of state oppression and harassment of homosexual men
  and women, that they, at last, be accorded their full rights as

        "No individual rights should be denied or abridged by the
laws of the United States or any state or locality on account of
sex, race, color, creed, age, national origin or sexual

        "We believe that 'children' are human beings and, as
such, have the same rights as any other human beings.  Any 
reference in this Platform to the rights of human beings includes 

        "We regard the tragedies caused by unplanned, unwanted 
pregnancies to be aggravated, if not created, by government 
policies of censorship, restriction, regulation and prohibition.  
Therefore we call for the repeal of all laws which restrict 
anyone, including children, from engaging in voluntary exchanges 
of goods, services or information regarding human sexuality, 
reproduction, birth control, or related medical or biological 

        The 1986 platform preserved the above-cited language, but 
greatly expanded the "Children's Rights" article to include the 

"We oppose all legally created or sanctioned discrimination 
against (or in favor of) children, just as we oppose government 
discrimination directed at any other artificially defined sub-
category of human beings."  

        "We also support the repeal of all laws establishing any 
category of crimes applicable to children for which adults would 
not be similarly vulnerable, such as curfew, smoking and 
alcoholic beverage laws, and other status offenses.  (...)  We 
seek the repeal of all 'children's codes' of statutes which 
abridge due process protections for young people."  

        "Children should always have the right to establish their 
maturity by assuming administration and protection of their own 
rights, ending dependency upon their parents or other guardians 
and assuming all the responsibilities of adulthood."  

        These quotes make it clear to any thinking person that 
the Libertarian Party deems the recruiting of, say, six-year-old 
boys and girls into a life of prostitution, heterosexual or 
otherwise, an exercise of something the platform never defines -
yet nevertheless refers to as "individual rights."  Indeed, 
should the parents of children so used dare to question a 
procurer's "right" to engage their children in such a manner, let 
them read carefully before venturing to lift a finger to 
interfere.  The Libertarian Platform (both versions) also reads:  

        "We condemn the attempts by parents or any others -- via 
kidnappings, conservatorships, or instruction under confinement -
- to force children to conform to their parent's or any others' 
religious views."  

        The child-molester's "right" to entice children into 
"voluntary" sexual performances is defended at every turn in the 
platform.  If the child is baited with candy rather than raped by 
outright physical force, the Libertarian pederast can declare the 
event a "consensual sexual relation," or a "voluntary exchange of 
goods and services regarding human sexuality," or even cite the 
child's "assumption" of the "administration and protection of its 
own rights."  After all, the platform plainly describes the 
distinction between a fully-formed, rational adult and a 
preadolescent child as an "artificially defined subcategory of 
human beings."  As for the parents, any attempt to interfere, 
especially if based on religious convictions, is classed as 
"kidnapping," a practice banned by force of Libertarian law.   

        The essential feature which distinguishes children from 
adults -a feature which the Libertarian platform eschews- is 
rational competence.  Capitalist ethics are based on man's life 
as the fundamental standard of value, and on his rational faculty 
as the essential requirement for the preservation of that value.  
Capitalists recognize that individual rights are a moral 
principle.  Libertarians, to the contrary,  state that their 
"exclusion of moral approval or disapproval is deliberate" [!].  
This attitude is eloquently underscored by the platform's 
perfidious distortion of truth.  

        In the real world, laws exist which bar adults from 
selling alcohol, tobacco, and the like to children.  The 
Libertarian Party platform distorts the relationship and presents 
it as a law directed at children forbidding them to buy those 
substances, then leaps to the defense of "due process protections 
for young people."  But then, respect for the truth is not 
something one expects from an organization having a "deliberate" 
policy of destroying moral distinctions.

                   *       *       *

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