]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]       BUSH TALK       [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ 
                       By George Bush, V.P.                  (8/18/88)
                      Presidential Candidate
                 (extracted from WSJ, 8/15/88)

     Touring the Auschwitz death camp, 28 Sept. 1987: "Boy, they were 
big on crematoria, weren't they?"

     Explaining his poor showing in Ames, Iowa: "A lot of people who 
support me were at an air show, they were off at their daughter's 
coming-out party, they were off teeing up at the golf course in that 
all-important last round and they were turning out at high school 

     To a recovering drug addict at a Newark, N.J. drug clinic, 
5/26/88: "Did you come here and say, `The heck with it, I don't need 
this darn thing?' Did you go through a withdrawal thing?"

     In Greenwich, Conn., after his return from China in 1975, when 
asked whether he had met any of the common Chinese: "Oh yes. They gave 
me a boy to play tennis with."

     Interview with USA Today, 7/28/88: "Michael Dukakis speaks 
Spanish. I wish I did. But I have three grandchildren, my blood 
cursing through their veins, who are half Mexican."

     Discussing his WWII experiences in Garrison, Iowa, 12/5/87:
"I was shot down, and I was floating around in a little yellow raft 
setting a record for paddling. I thought of my family, my mom and dad, 
and the strength I got from them. I thought of my faith, the 
separation of church and state."

     In conversation with a nin-year old Spanish-speaking girl in 
Harlem, 4/14/88: "Comme ci, comme ca..."

                              *   *   *

[PLEASE NOTE: Contempt for clownish wimps does not imply endorsement of 
crooks. P.B.]
                              *   *   *

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